Pure Colors Arm Sleeves Compression

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Pure Colors Arm Sleeves Compression Arm Warmer Cycling Arm Sleeve Sun UV Protection Armwarmer for Outdoor Sport Hiking Sleeve


Size chart:

M 42cm 24cm 14cm

L 45cm 28cm 18cm

XL 48cm 32cm 20cm


Material : 87% polyester +13% spandex

Applicable : Road bikes, mountain bike rides, outdoor sports


Features: Suitable for long and short rides, night rides, light off-road, short distance road races, etc.

01 digital printing process: using imported ink from Italy, digital printing, bright colors and no fading.

02 Upper mouth anti-slip tape: anti-slip glue on the upper mouth to prevent the sleeve from slipping during exercise; the anti-slip tape is flat rubber, better to close the arm and reduce friction

03 car line technology: four-needle six-line sewing process is more suitable for strong sports, not easy to collapse, the car line is beautiful"

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